Race to Town Hall


Does your bus get stuck in traffic? Is there a faster way of getting around town? Are trams in your area too packed to board? 

Race to Town Hall is a fun initiative designed for locals to show off the good and the bad of public transport in their neighbourhood. 

As well as highlighting important transport issues, Race to Town Hall will help build the movement for better public transport by connecting residents with representatives from their local government.

The inaugural race is kicking off August 11 in the City of Yarra.

If you're from another part of Melbourne and are keen to see a race event in your local area click here.

How does it work?

The race event sees participants trying to get to Richmond Town Hall using some sort of public transport. Once people arrive we will chart how far they travelled and how long it took, awarding first prize to the person with the highest average speed. We will also note how their trip could have been made easier – for example, more frequent local bus services. With participants starting from different parts of the suburb, the event will capture a great deal of information about mobility issues within the Yarra area. The Race will feature a diverse cross-section of Yarra's population including local residents, community leaders, school children and parents, traders and Councillors.


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August 11, 2015 at 8am - 9am
Richmond Town Hall
Berish Bilander · · 0402 469 053
Dave Darvall Paulina Mansfield Chana Eastham Darryl Beauregard Danuta Berman Robin Troy Sammie Lennon Spencer Block Samuel Toro Karl Cooksey Hilario Nanya Nicolas Carswell Cedric Bidmead Herschel Landes Dario Westover Williemae Bridgeford Maximilian Nacht Geri Kethel Rosalind Denson Rashad Frewin Merrill Bardin Etta Enoch Charlotte Martinovich Luc Brien Anthony Porcelli Denisha Henley Mae Billington Steffen Carson Huey Garth Gerald Loughman Gustavo Hemphill Julianne Colechin Rosemary Cuthbertson Logan Vonwiller Daniela Threlkeld Joanne Sayasane Star Armytage Sheldon Denson Antonietta Oddo Weldon Coates Roscoe Sievier Kandice Cumpston Keesha Matney Quyen Plunkett Rene Menkens Ramon Sunderland Ruthie Pellegrino Shayla Stern