Our questions for Lend Lease board



At the Lend Lease AGM today in Sydney on Friday, campaigners fighting the East West Link in Melbourne and WestConnex in Sydney questioned the Lend Lease board about the financial and environmental risks of tollway projects.

Lend Lease has signed a disputed contract for the East West Link (Stage 1) and is a bidder for the WestConnex project (Stage 2).

Ms Bosler, Public Transport Not Traffic campaign manager from Melbourne, said ‘There are striking similarities between these two projects in Melbourne and Sydney. Both are costing taxpayers billions of dollars. The roads will rip through communities and parklands – without actually helping our cities’ transport woes. 

‘Lend Lease has tried to hide in the dark on the highly controversial East West Link project, but the community – and shareholders – are entitled to know Lend Lease’s position,’ said Ms Bosler.

‘Lend Lease signed up in haste before the Victorian election, but will the board recognise the democratic right of Victorians to determine whether this project is the right way to spend billions?’

‘Will the company avoid protracted legal disputes over costs?’ Ms Bosler said.

Sharon Laura from No WestConnex campaign said ‘We are seeing the mistakes made in Victoria being repeated all over again in Sydney. The Lend Lease board should be very concerned about the public standing of their company considering the East West Link and WestConnex lack any social mandate’. 

‘We’re also fighting the same old, anti-rail prime minister with out-dated thinking about modern cities,’ Ms Bosler said.



1. The East West Link contract was hastily signed just before the Victorian State election. Given that the contract commits Victoria to massive risks and funding commitments, will Lend Lease recognise the democratic right of Victorians to determine whether this project should proceed or not? 

2. Lend Lease’s barrister in the Court of Appeal disclosed that the company has spent $60 million to date on the East West Link bid. If the project does NOT proceed, will the company be seeking more than this in compensation and on what basis would such a claim be made?

3. Will Lend Lease protect its strong relationship with the Victorian Government, and the numerous projects it has underway in that state, by negotiating a fair exit from the East West Link project that recovers its costs but avoids protracted legal disputes?

4. Mr Carter: as a fellow Victorian, do you support the company being involved in projects that lack a social licence? Will you advocate for greater corporate social responsibility on the part of Lend Lease?

5. Mr Ullmer, as chairman of the Sustainability Committee, can you provide assurances that any Lend Lease bid for the M5 tunnel and other Westconnex related projects will not cause damage or destruction to bushland or reserves including Wolli Creek Valley, Tempe Wetlands and Rockdale Wetlands; or Sydney, St Peters, Petersham and Ashfield Parks; the Yasmar Estate and Concord Oval?

6. Have directors and senior executives been paid project specific remuneration bonuses for securing the East West Link project? Was this a factor in the rush to sign the contract prior to the election?

7. Mr McGann: what consideration have you given to the impact of your involvement in WestConnex and the East West Link on the public standing of the company? Given that Lend Lease will be responsible for providing on-site security, how will the company manage construction given the likelihood of persistent and determined community opposition including blockading of the work?








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