Overcrowding on public transport top issue for Inner-North commuters


Interim results from Public Transport Not Traffic's local transport survey suggests overcrowding on public transport is the number one transport issue in the City of Yarra. So far 73% of respondents have rated train, tram and bus overcrowding as the biggest problem, with traffic issues – including road safety and speeding, and lack of priority transit lanes coming in second and third respectively.

(Image courtesy Herald Sun)

"People are telling us that there simply just aren't enough tram, train and bus services currently to deal with the huge numbers of commuters using public transport." said PTNT campaign manager Berish Bilander.

"On some of the busiest lines two or three trams can pass by before one has room to pick you up, while trains are often choking at peak time."

"While the community supports the government's Metro Rail project, they don't want to see local transport issues overlooked."  

"More frequent services, priority transit lanes and smart timetables that connect trams, buses and trains together as one system, that's what Melbournians need right now" Bilander said.

Public Transport Not Traffic are running the survey in the lead up to their inaugural Race to Town Hall event, a fun transport initiative designed to highlight local public transport issues and help build the movement for better public transport. Participants from across the City of Yarra will use public transport to get to Richmond Town Hall. 

To have your say on Yarra's top priorities, go online now and complete the local transport survey.

For more information on the race event visit Race2TownHall.com.

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