Race to Coburg Night Market


Does your bus get stuck in traffic? Is there a faster way of getting around town? Are trams in your area too packed to board?

Race to Coburg Night Market is a fun initiative designed for locals to show off the good and the bad of public transport in our neighbourhoods, and demonstrate to our pollies that public transport matters. What's more you'll get to sample some fine wares on offer at the annual Coburg night market.

Bring your families and your friends and make December 4th the night your take PT to the event. 

How does the race work?

Participants will set off from home, school or work and travel to the Night Market by public transport. Along the way participants will be encouraged to log their journey to show us what's working and what needs improvement. On arrival at the market local councillors and PTNT members will be around to chat about your trip, your community and the future of public transport, you can even send a message to your local MPs on one of our message boards. Being a race there's a winner – but unlike most races first prize will be awarded to the person/group with the highest average speed, not the one first across the line. 

Why the local focus?

The majority of trips we take are within local suburbs, not to the city centre. But of these trips only a small number are done by public transport. So why is it that we don’t use public transport for these short journeys? Is there gaps in the system? Perhaps we don’t feel safe at night using it? Maybe it’s just not-feasible in your area. We want to find out from you, the users, what works and what doesn't and then join together to demand the investment we need to make our public transport world class.

So, bring your families and your friends and make December 4th the night you take PT to the event. 

PT options: Upfield train to Coburg Station, Number 19 Tram to Bell St or bus routes 512, 513, 526, 527, 530, 534, 561 and the 903 Smart Bus. 

Please Download: Welcome Pack  |  Log Sheet


December 04, 2015 at 5pm - 7:30pm
Coburg Night Market
Bridges Reserve Bell Street
Opp Moreland Civic Centre
Coburg 3058
Google map and directions
Eleisha Mullane · · 0418 288 110
Fiona Fidler andrew savidge Shaun Knott Ben Flavel Emma Fisher liz ralph Agata W Marina Zovko Cindy O'Connor Joanne Sayasane Paul OSullivan C Chew Peter Flanagan Helga Svendsen Linda Parlane Jessica Cotton Malvina Hagedorn Boyd Maplestone Lenka Thompson Tony Morton Clare van Balen Samuel Mehanni Ian Hundley Eleisha Mullane

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