Just Get Over It!


Just when you thought it was safe to stop thinking about the East West link nightmare the Liberals have called an "East West Link - Just Build it" rally this Saturday (8th August) at 10am on the Steps of Parliament. This time they are trying to resurrect it for the Federal Election campaign, even after the people of Victoria rejected it and threw the Liberals out with it.

So let's meet them there and use it as a chance to talk about our positive agenda for getting Melbourne moving that focuses on pro public transport solutions. If you still have any campaign banners, t-shirts, badges etc bring them with you to help make it clear we support public transport not traffic!

JOIN US at 9.30am Parliament Gardens on the corner of Spring and Albert st opposite the Parliament station entry. We'll walk from there to the steps of parliament together for our very own pro public transport rally.

What we have already won through our community campaign

  • Metro rail which will bring a massive boost to the rail infrastructure at its heart
  • Level crossings to make the interface between rail and roads safer and more efficient
  • A number of new stations associated with these projects

But there is still more to do to improve our system we need

  • Investment in upgrading our train network with a modern signalling system and other much needed maintenance.
  • Improving the frequency and connections between bus and tram networks as well as the road priority they receive.
  • Building the Doncaster rail and Airport link projects
  • All whilst trying to hit a target 10mins to everywhere, to reduce wait time and make the system more accessible to the community.¬†

Let's speak out NOW and remind Tony Abbott and the Federal Liberals that the people of Melbourne and Victoria rejected the East West Link and got behind public transport for a modern City.

August 08, 2015 at 9:30am - 11am
Parliament Gardens
Berish Bilander · · 0402 469 053