Victorians may as well as consult a fortune teller for East-West toll road answers


Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA) have failed to properly answer too many questions on the East-West toll road and the committee assessing the project should reject the proposal. 

“Given how many big questions remain unanswered by the LMA, Victorians may as well consult a fortune teller about what the East-West toll road will mean for them,” Dr Tony Morton, President of the Public Transport Users Association, said.

This morning, supporters of the Public Transport Not Traffic campaign handed out (mis)fortune cookies while a (mis)fortune teller tried to do what the LMA has failed to do – tell Victorians how the East-West toll road will affect their communities.

“The LMA has failed to provide clear answers to Victorians about the impact of the proposed East-West toll road, making it impossible for the Assessment Committee to do their job,” said Dr Morton.

“When it comes to the primary question of whether this expensive toll road will solve our traffic crisis, their ‘yes, no, maybe’ answers are simply not good enough,” Dr Morton said.

“The LMA have also ducked questions of how the East-West toll road will prevent Doncaster Rail ever being built. Further, despite this expensive hearing, the business case for the East-West toll road remains a mystery,” Dr Morton said.

“The Assessment Committee has been hamstrung by the LMA’s refusal to provide clear answers, and should reject the proposed East-West toll road,” Dr Morton said.

Supporters of the Public Transport Not Traffic campaign distributed cookies containing (mis)fortune messages. The messages reflect the laughable effort by the LMA to justify the East-West toll road. The fortunes included,

“Beware! An $8billion white elephant could crush your train tracks!”
“You may have to move out of your home. Or not. The LMA Oracle will not reveal the answer.”
“When at the crossroads, take the train - avoid the trucks.”
“Remember, roads beget traffic, rail begets trains - so choose wisely.”

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