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Join us at Deakin Edge to hear from guest speakers - including Public Transport Not Traffic's very own Danae Bosler - to discuss Melbourne's transport future.

Regardless of where you live in our city you should be able to readily access jobs and services and contribute to the social and economic life of Melbourne. Approximately 13 million trips are made by Melburnians each weekday with the average daily distance being 30km per person.

For some time now much needed improvements to Melbourne’s transport system have not kept pace with population growth and the needs of business. Melbourne’s transport challenge is not just about creating more capacity within the current transport system but ensuring good accessibility by road, public transport, cycling or walking to places with concentrations of jobs and services.

A focus on building a highly functional, multi-modal and integrated transport network across the whole of the metropolitan area is fundamental to our city’s productivity, competitiveness and the health and wellbeing of our citizens. Across town, as well as radial travel movements towards Central Melbourne, need to be addressed because that is how you build a transport ‘network’. Within this context public transport will play a much greater role connecting people to local, suburban and metropolitan destinations. In achieving this outcome, considerations of efficiency and sustainability are important, as is the relationship between transportation and city form and structure.

Future Melbourne Network

Great cities are shaped by people with bold vision, big ideas and a solid commitment to influencing the actions of decision makers in government, the private sector and at the community level.

The Future Melbourne Network involves people who share this passion for ensuring Melbourne remains a great city. We want Melbourne to be a world-class, green, safe, friendly, socially inclusive and economically successful city, for all its citizens. We want a city that builds on the best of its past and harnesses its strong contemporary creative talent.

Melbourne is one of the world’s great cities but an increasing number of Melburnians are voicing the urgent need for better public transport services, more choice in housing at a cost that is affordable, more jobs closer to where they live and that we deal with the challenges of climate change now rather than later. There is a sense of frustration and disillusionment that this is not occurring. We run the risk of marginalising whole areas of our great city if we do not think more deeply about the options for our city’s future.

The Future Melbourne Network acknowledges the legacy of insightful and effective planning action that has been taken in the past. Metropolitan Melbourne is now moving into a new and challenging phase in its urban development, which will require even more innovative, smarter and efficient ways of managing its growth.

We need to re-think the way we plan our city. As our city gets bigger we need to ensure that it becomes a better place to live and work. Creatively engaging the skills, knowledge and ‘know how’ of people who truly care about the future development of metropolitan Melbourne will be critical to achieving a sustainable, resilient, inclusive and liveable 21st century city.

This is the task of the Future Melbourne Network.

June 30, 2014 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Deakin Edge, Federation Square
Danae Bosler ·
Oscar Czerniecki Rebecca Temple Monica Youssif

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