Consortia told: "Don't Risk it on East West"


By Cait Jones

As the questions continue to grow for the East West toll road project the Public Transport Not Traffic Campaign warn the consortia, "Don't Risk it not the East West Link!" 

As the last two consortia vying for the East West toll road project prepare their final bids, we thought it was important to urge them to drop or delay entering into contracts on a project plagued by risk. 

The letters remind the bidders there are significant and dire flaws with this proposed project, which will cost all Victorians and undermine the democratic underpinning of the state. These flaws conflict with the social and environmental policies and values publicly promoted by most companies making up the consortia groups.

Further, these flaws also create material risks for the companies contracted to deliver the project. 

See below to read the full letters sent to companies involved in the project as well as available email addresses incase you want to send them something yourself ;)




Lend Lease


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