Check us out! Campaign launched across Melbourne 29.11.13


Community groups across Melbourne joined together on Friday 29 November to launch Public Transport Not Traffic, a campaign for world-class public transport instead of more motorways and toll roads. Here's a photo gallery of the morning.

*alyson.jpg *Sas-richmond.jpg
Richmond Station Richmond Station 2
*boxhill.jpg *croxton.jpg
Boxhill Station Croxton Station
*cliftonhill.jpg *cliftonhill2.jpg
Clifton Hill Station Clifton Hill Station 2
*kerry-cliftonhill.jpg *mack.jpg
Clifton Hill Station 3 Clifton Hill Station 4
*Mckinnon.jpg *Mckinnon2.jpg
Mckinnon Station Box Hill Station 2
*cait-frankston.jpg *frankston.jpg
Frankston Station Frankston Station 2
*frankston2.jpg *thomas-tank.jpg
Frankston Station 3 Thomas the Tank Engine
*NthMelb.jpg *NthMelb2.jpg
Nth Melbourne Station Nth Melbourne Station 2
*NthMelb3.jpg *dave.jpg
Northcote Station 3 Nth Melbourne Station 4
*danae-flinders.jpg *group-flindersSt.jpg
Flinders Station Flinders Station 2
*flinderSt.jpg *Jen-Flinders.jpg
Flinders Station 3 Flinders Station 4
*flyers.jpg *lighter-footprints.jpg
PTNT Flyers Box Hill Station 3
*montmorency.jpg *northcote.jpg
Montmorency Station Northcote Station 2
*wyndham.jpg *berish-richmond.jpg
Hopper's Crossing Station Richmond Station
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