A community campaign for Melbourne's future


The campaign for Public Transport Not Traffic is about the citizens of Melbourne determining the future of our city, and we choose world-class public transport!

World-class public transport means people can better access jobs, schools, doctors and entertainment while trucks and tradies are not stuck in traffic trying to do their jobs.

To achieve this, the Victorian government must invest in public transport. Decades of underinvestment in public transport have created a traffic crisis. Our transport system in Melbourne is broken. Our roads can no longer cope. A world-class public transport system is the only way to cut traffic as it means that people can get out of their cars, freeing up road space.

This campaign is about an integrated system which see our roads work more productively for our city, enabling citizens to get to where they want efficiently and enjoyably.


We're a powerful, new campaign bringing together communities across Melbourne that are opposed to the prioritisation of wasteful toll roads over public transport. These communities are opposed to toll roads because they know that they will only add to our traffic crisis, rather than improving our quality of life and economy by enabling efficient mobility.

We exist to put pressure on the government so that our money is invested in sustainable, accessible public transport infrastructure. Our goals have previously included stopping the wasteful East West Link – a tunnel and toll road that could have cost Victorian taxpayers up to $18 billion. If you support us, we'd love to have you and your community join us onboard the campaign train.

In addition to donations from community members, our campaign is financially supported by the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) and auspiced by Friends of the Earth (FOE). We have two part-time campaigners, Cait Jones and Berish Bilander, who work alongside an amazing team of volunteers from community groups across Melbourne.

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