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A New Era?


Living in inner city Sydney, Malcolm Turnbull enjoys the benefits of frequent and reliable public transport, so much so he finds it impractical to drive. In contrast most Australians don't have access to any decent public transport services and as a result have to face the congested roads day in day out.

Mr Turnbull knows that only an efficient public transport system will get our cities moving and so has a responsibility to all Victorians to immediately fund public transport.

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GOAL: 1,000 signatures

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

The Federal Government’s refusal to fund public transport is preventing state governments from delivering vital infrastructure posing a very real threat to our economy and environment.

Traffic congestion already costs Australian cities $15billion a year.

Without serious investment in public transport 5 million extra cars will be clogging up Melbourne’s roads by 2036.

As has been proven overseas, only an effective mass transit system can cope with the travel needs of our growing population.

We shouldn't be forced to sell off public assets in order to build crucial new transport infrastructure.

Mr Turnbull, please commit to funding public transport infrastructure.

Yours Sincerely,

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Yes, I'd like to help out!

This is powerful community campaign in Melbourne - that means it's commuters, local volunteers and community leaders that are talking to their neighbours at street stalls, train stations and bus stops about the need for world-class public transport.

We'd love you and your community to join us on the campaign train so please complete the form below.

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Hello Danae/Cait,

Is it possible to have a campaign added to your web site, as a news item and as a call for volunteers (2 events)? It is the Stop The Trains (Laburnum) campaign.

Background: Many trains skip Laburnum, causing problems for students to the nearby school. My campaign is to alter express trains so that more of them stop at Laburnum, especially between 8:00 and 8:30am, and to have more myki readers installed on the platform, to make touch-off easier for students.

My petition to the Leg Assembly requests that additional myki readers be installed, and express services to be altered to stop at Laburnum, especially between 8:00 and 8:30am. This petition already has 81 signatures.

I will be at Laburnum station at 7:50am to 8:50am on Thursday/Friday 4/5 Sept to collect even more signatures. At the risk of being short notice, can I put out a request for volunteers to assist? RSVP to Nick Bishop 0438 366342.

It is very fast-paced work when the students swarm through.

Students and the public can also sign at Box Hill High School’s general office, in a less hectic environment.

A logo is available which I will send through later tonight.


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