A public transport target to transform Victoria

Victoria urgently needs more people taking public transport – Victoria’s traffic crisis is getting worse, costing our economy billions in lost revenue and all of us precious time with our families. The only way out of gridlock is to invest in our mass transit network so people can leave their cars at home and start taking public transport around town.

Growing public transport usage by 40 million trips per year is our bold target for Victoria. If we stick to this plan, by 2025 we’ll see 1.5 million fewer cars on our roads each day. It would mean traffic reduced to school holiday levels!

Successive governments have promised to fix our public transport system however cars are still the only option in so many neighbourhoods. That’s why from now on we want to see all levels of government commit to our target, after all, how better to measure the success of public transport investment than to see growth in the number of trips taken.

It is time to set a target and work together to achieve it. Lets grow our public transport use by 40 million trips a year and solve Victoria’s traffic crisis. Join us in making it happen.

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